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***** Emma Hall and Emma Smith are incredibly talented artists…the lighting, sound and production were excellent… (Sternum is) clever, funny, raw, honest, touching and thought-provoking.... See it.”

- Ben Williams, Rip It Up, 3 March 2014. Read the full review.


“This is offbeat, original theatre, and an honest and heartfelt glimpse into the lives of two young women.”

- Heckler, 2 March 2014. Read the full review.


"(Sternum is) a brief but ebullient exploration of female anxiety as experienced by 20- and 30-somethings... The writing, often evocative and understatedly funny, is... strong, and both Emmas are fine performers whose onstage chemistry will undoubtedly prove an asset to future productions."

- Ben Brooker, Marginalia, 3 March 2014 Read the full review.